About MentorsLink.com

Fired by the vision of people linked together in high-value mentoring relationships, MentorsLink.com provides the technology to establish and support these mentorships worldwide.

People in all walks of life have valuable knowledge, insight and wisdom derived from life experience. Many of them desire to “give back” out of the privileges and advantages they have received, by sharing their learning with others who are receptive to empowerment.

Using web 2.0 technologies as a medium, MentorsLink brings people together in high-value mentoring relationships. Additionally, MentorsLink provides the proven framework to guide the mentorships toward achieving specific, measurable, timely results. Both mentors and mentees report the satisfying rewards of “Empowering With Experience.”

Our Team

MentorsLink supports intentional results oriented mentorships by:

• Linking – matching mentors and mentees in high-value mentorships
• Resources – to inform and guide the mentorship process
• Center – a web 2.0 platform servicing ongoing mentorships
• News – the latest and best information from the mentorship movement
• Blogs – a forum for expression by mentorship partners
• Grants and Scholarships – channels supporting mentorships worldwide
• Mentorship events – workshops, seminars and training for mentorships

LIFE: Live it... Learn it… Share it...